Graylog 2.5.1 license renewal

I’m trying to renew the enterprise license on Graylog rev 2.5.1 but process terminates with an error:

Could not retrieve license information
Verifying license failed with status: cannot POST http://x.x.x.x:9000/api/plugins/org.graylog.plugins.license/licenses/verify (400)

In previous post there was a solution to upgrade license plugin version from 2.4 to 2.5

Please advice how to perform license plugin upgrade.
My current installed License Plugin is 2.4.6

Thank you.

Hi Andrej,
I installed the graylog-enterprise-plugins-2.5.2 package wich contains the archive, auditlog and licence plugins.
Kind regards

thank you for a quick response.
Where did you got the graylog-enterprise-plugins-2.5.2 package from?
BR, Andrej


what graylog server version do you have installed? Check in System/Nodes


follow the instructions on this page, change the URL …/2.5/… in accordance with your version,

under “Tarball” for download and install the plugins.



Server and Plugins need to be the same Version. Always.

If you have updated the Plugins to the same Version as the Server, you can enter the new license.

thank you very much, help is much appreciated.
Task completed with plugins downloaded from “Tarball”, my version is
After placing the plugins in /opt/graylog/plugins/ and reboot I was
able to activate the license.
I tried to update without success from cmd by command: apt-get
install graylog-enterprise-plugins
BR, Andrej


I’m glad to have helped you solve the problem.

Kind regards


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