Deleting Old Indexes (not seen by Graylog) from the File System


Having managed to get Graylog working since my previous post (Unable to Add or Delete Enterprise License - Error 400) AND upgraded to the latest version, I was having a look through and found something odd.

I received an alert that my Graylog Server was down to only 10% space left on HDD.
I have a 1.2TB HDD for the server (ubuntu 16.04 VM), which is showing ~1000GB used.

Looking at the graylog server web ui, I see:

This indicates that Graylog is only using 213Gb for storing indexes. Even with the OS and installed software etc, this should mean the total system is well under 300Gb.

Doing a bit of digging led me to find the /var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes/0/indices folder.
Running du -sh shows this folder is 810Gb - the culprit.

a) why are there indices in here which aren’t being picked up by Graylog (roughly 550-600GB).
b) can I manually delete any of these?

If the answer to b) is “yes”, how do i work out which index is linked to which folder within nodes/0/indices?

I can always add more space to the server, but as these logs arent being detected by Graylog, I’d rather remove them (or re-index them) to either make backups smaller, or see the data in Graylog.


you should interact with the elasticsearch API

This way you know what is in what directory plus you can delete that indices via API and you will not destroy your installation.

Not destroying my installation is definitely a positive.
I’ll have a dig.

Happy Xmas to the Graylog Team btw!! :christmas_tree:

You just close the indices instead of deleting.
GL will count only the opened indices.

Thanks - Turns out I hadn’t clicked on the actual “Default Index Set” name/button, rather just the “edit / actions” menu, they were visible all along. :man_facepalming:

Using Jan’s suggestion of ElasticsearchAPI, I’d already seen which ones were closed/open, but when I went into the Default Index Set, I was able to see all the open/closed indices and delete as required.


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