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I have one Server in my datacenter which is in german language. Logs are in german language as well. I use the Op5 Syslog Agent for log forwarding - everything working as expected.
Input is a raw udp input.

When I receive the logs the text in the “message” field looks weird - there cant be any german letters like Ä Ö Ü displayed. It just shows some question signs where the letters should be.

Is there any workaround for my issue ?


He @DanSBG

may I ask why you are not using Syslog Input?

In Addition some kind of encoding might be send with the messages - maybe if you capture with tcpdump you are able to see if that encoding is done during the sending.

Same with the normal syslog input - maybe you are right and the encoding is done before. I will check this.

It seems like the message has been encoded wrong by the syslog agent.

Maybe you know another simple and lightweight solution for forwarding windows event logs ?
Since it is the only german server in the datacenter so far, I consider taking no more action.

For Windows Eventlog I would use winlogbeat - as this is the only solution that works without issues and is very light and easy to configure.

Thanks for the hin with winlogbeat, the encoding is still a little bit weird but I will take no more action. The important information I need from the logs does not contain any of the wrong encoded letters.

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