Languages in graylog logs

i am receiving logs in graylog that contains language different then English and it appears as symbols and gibberish.
is it related to graylog definitions?

Please elaborate on your issue and provide some examples.

FWIW, Graylog (and Elasticsearch) expect messages to be compatible with UTF-8.

i use the nxlog to forward the logs to graylog.
part of the log is in English and part of it is in Hebrew
when the nxlog is configured with out UTF8 the Hebrew part looks like this: �����
when i try to configure it to pass the logs using UTF-8 it looks like this: áăé÷ä
non of this is Hebrew.
maybe you can help or point me to an article that has the correct info for this issue.

Without any more details (e. g. which character encoding is being used), I can only refer you to the NXLOG xm_charconv documentation:

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