Graylog - strange characters in the message field


my name is Wolfgang and I am new in this community.

I am installing a new Debian 8 server.
As I am tired to struggle with the different big logfiles I first installed graylog to make my life more easy.

But now I have the problem, that the messages displayed in graylog are not readable.

They look like:
��2����M�K�!SnZݗ����r+��u���.�n>���v��Aa}���a\��’�’���S]�M����RY7}Yw�l4�j��7U��{_KU�����oE�}�x,�w��?-"�v’�U���sv�X��k� �v�����_��)�4-i�ɇ�͡zn��ce������¼0������/���1A=������t �����<��S��$�h���l]£�mv��L�

The origin messages in the logfiles are plain text and readable, all other text on the site too.

I could not figure out where and why they are converted to another format.
Neither where I can change this.

I searched Google but I did not find any related information.

If this issue has been discussed in the community before, please tell me where I can find a solution.

My installation:

Graylog Version: 2.2.3+7adc951, codename Stiegl
Pipeline Processor plugin version: 2.2.3
Elasticsearch Version: 2.4.5
MongoDB version: v2.4.10
Operating System: Debian 8.8
Browser version: Slimjet Version (basierend auf Chromium 51.0.2704.84) and
Firefox 53.0.3 (32-Bit)
I hope someone can help me.

Have a nice Sunday

Have the same problem, do you have any ideas?

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