Graylog collector sidecar and winloigbeat language issue

I’m collecting logs from Windows Serwer 2012 R2 using graylog collector sidecar with winlogbeat, and I have issues with logs language. The system was installed as Polish (my language) but later we changed language to English, now everything is in English except messages sent by winlogbeat run by collector (which is run as a service), those are in Polish. BUT if I run winlogbeat manually from the cmd shell with the same config messages I collect are in English.

TL;DR: winlogbeat run by collector sends event log messages in Polish, winlogbeats run by hand sends messages in English (desired)

(Don’t know if it’s right category, mods please move accordingly)

Hello Daniel,

how have you changed the language to English? What do you have in the Control Panel - Region settings, under Administrative - Copy Settings - Welcome screen ?
I suppose that you’ve just added the English language to your user, but the Polish one is still there and it’s used by the SYSTEM user (under which the collector runs). If this is right, you can fully remove the Polish language support in order to easily fix the problem.