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Hello. I recently updated to Graylog 5.0.1. Looks nice. Questions on the System/Sidecars Overview tab. 1. Before the default display was to hide inactive sidecars, not the default is to show all. I would like to make the default as it was, so that by default it ONLY shows the active ones.
2. The default is to show only 10 items at a time. I would like to change this to 25.

Where can I make these changes? I’ve done a few searches but can’t find anything on configuring this. Is it even possible? I’m sorry if this is obvious, but I can’t find anything.


Hello @cttjern

Should be a drop down on the right side under sidecar called show.

@gsmith I am aware of that drop down. However, it does not change the default. Next time visiting the page it is back to showing only 10. Same for the “Hide Inactive Sidecar” button. It hides them fine, but next time it is back to showing. I want to change the defaults so that the show is 25 and the inactive sidecars are hidden by default.

hey @cttjern

Good question, I’m not sure where to configure that setting, but what I do see in mine is that its set for 50 by default. ( i.e., GL - 4.3)

Looks like they may have changed it or perhaps someone else here knows. Sorry I cant be more help.

Noone else knows where these defaults might be set?

I don’t think those are configurable…

You can put in a request to make those available here:

Thank you for the update.

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