Graylog API Token Setting

I have updated my graylog servers to 4.0, I noticed the graylog sidecar tokens have changed causing the sidecars to not report I am trying to find a way to change the token back using the curl commands instead of changing each individual instance. Has anyone found these commands or know of a way to change the token.


Hello, Maybe I can help you.
Would this be simlular to your problem?

I do see the tokens there but the actual token values have changed, I am trying to find a way to set the token value so that I do not have to reset sidecars. If I were to change the sidecars it would be over 500 values I would have to change. I feel as though I could set the token value on the vm itself and I would not have to waste my time changing the values


I understand now, and yeah that would be a pain.
Honestly, I haven’t used GL sidecar we have always used Nxlog, or Rsyslog to ship logs. What I tried to do for you was a quick search to see if I could find something for you that could possibly help, but in this case looks like you need someone more knowledgeable. What I can try to do is test this in my lab and see if I run into the same problem. I need to know is a little more about your environment like version/s and configuration. This would also help anyone passing by to help you.

The system I work on has strict requirements to not post or say anything about logs and configs it sucks when these issues arise, But I was able to figure out the issue and sidecars are now reporting.


That is understandable for a a comapany to do that.
Glad you have it fixed. Can I ask how you were able to fix it? This would help anyone passing by the forum.

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