Sidecars Access Limitation

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create a role that limits users to administer sidecars and API tokens without opening up the ability to modify the entire Graylog config.

I’ve been successful in limiting access with a custom role, but can’t get the Sidecars button to appear in the system menu. If a user with the role navigates to server.domain:9000/system/sidecars they actually get the sidecars options and can fully edit the sidecars, push configs, create new API keys etc.

However, for the life of me I can’t get the actual Sidecars button to appear. I resorted to granting read access to pretty much everything listed when I dumped out the granular permissions but the button still doesn’t appear.

Here’s what I’ve granted so far

'{"read_only": false,"permissions":["authentication:read",
"name": "Sidecar Administrator","description": "Permission to administer Sidecar nodes and API keys"}'

Does anyone have any idea if there’s a dependant permission or level of access that I’ve not granted that the Sidecars menu is reliant on before it appears in the System menu?

Thanks in advance,

he @PaulHalliwell

do you mind to open a bug report over at

This looks like one to me.

@jan Sure thing.

I’ll open one this morning.

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