"Request for Assistance: Implementing Single Sign-On in Graylog Community Edition for React App"

I am attempting to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) in my React app or say any UI app to seamlessly log in users to Graylog Community Edition without the need for a login dialogue. Despite following documentation and best practices, I am encountering challenges in achieving the desired SSO integration.

I am in community edition and
I am seeking assistance in resolving the following issues:

    • Guidance on additional configurations or best practices for integrating SSO with Graylog.
    • Any insights or recommendations from the community members who have successfully implemented a similar setup.

Hey @bladexskull

Unfortantly this is a paid feature, There is a HTTP header you can use but having a feeling this may not be what you want. If your under 2 GB day you can get a license which is very easy to get and install, just a couple clicks.

Thanks @gsmith for your reply.
I did try HTTP header, it worked but it seems to me that there are some limitation to it
which I am mentioning below :
Only one authenticator is allowed(Am I right?)
Anyone lands on that proxied server with that header just get’s logged in, some token must be there.

Could you please confirm the following?
If I am going to paid(operations version)
Then does it offer silent authentication(skip login page) or it will give me a screen like ‘login with SSO provider’?


Yep you got it :smile:

Depends on your IDP settings. I just jumped on the Zitadel community and works great, just an FYI.

Most of that can be configured under the user settings

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