Receiving log data through Google Pubsub

Good day everyone.

I’m new to Greylog and consider to replace our current Google Stackdriver logging with it. All our applications already properly export logs in JSON format through Google logging subsystem, i.e. I can direct them to a Google pubsub topic (queue) in a single click.

If there any plugin or other ready-to-go method for Greylog to consume log data from Google PubSub?

If not, I can think of writing a small daemon that will read logs from pubsub and relay them to Greylog through its HTTP API. Any other ideas?

Thank you in advance.

Check the Graylog Marketplace:

If there’s no plugin catering your use case, you could also write one:

Hi Jochen,

Yes, I started from marketplace but didn’t find anything. Therefore the discussion.

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