Best way to ingest logs from an external API


I’m looking for the best way to download and ingest logs from external APIs, like from my CDN, or logs from my cloud provider (access logs). In my case these providers don’t send logs in any way. I have to get them from the API.

Does a plugin can do this ? It’s hard to find in the marketplace, the keywords “API / Logs” shows mostly how to get logs FROM the Graylog API.

Do I have to put a script in the crontab, doing a HTTP GET from the source and some POST to Graylog ? I presume every minute to have something synchronized. Is it the best way ?


Hello && Welcome

I not to familiar with Cloud CDN logging. I did find this on AWS, maybe it can help.

Thanks, but the AWS plugin is not working for my usecase, It can only be used to ingest data from AWS cloud.

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