Firebase and graylog

I want to send some data from firebase to Graylog. I couldn’t find anything related to this task.
I think the only way is to use firebase api(?).
anyway I’m not sure how to do this.
thanks in advance,

Maybe I can help.
What port is “firebase” sending logs to graylog?
Did you setup an input on graylog? If so how did you configure the input?
I’m not familiar with Firebase so I’m unsure what Type of Input you may need.

hi, sorry for replying back late I don’t know why I didn’t notice your reply.
honestly I’m not familiar with firebase either.
what I’ve got so far is firebase has an http api.
I’m not sure if it is possible to get data in graylog with api call.

Also, there is a logging system named cloud logging which can be easily connect to firebase.
But still I couldn’t find a way to connect cloud logging to graylog.

From what I’m reading, cloud logging is what used to be called stackdriver. Beyond what I’ve found in a few google searches, your best bet would be to log anything from firebase using cloud logging, and from there, set up a pub/sub subscription and use this community plugin to do what you need GitHub - KongZ/graylog-plugin-google-cloud-pubsub: A Graylog's Google Cloud Pub/Sub plugin allows you to pull logs from Google Cloud Stackdriver Logging

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