Public/token based access to dashboards

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After hours of googling, i’ve found this which i basically my problem:

I need to be able to access RO dashboards with a unique URL that a publicly available.

Is it possible?

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Did you mean creating a token and use that to access a uniq Dashboard URL?

Create a Role that has only Read ability, give a user that role, create a token for that user and authenticate with that user via header … yes it is not “fire and forget”, but possible.

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I need a way to “share” dashboards - where users doesn’t have to authenticate to view a dashboard.

Like you can with datadog for instance…

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did you know the nice about open source?

Everyone can participate. We would like to review a PR that implement this in the Graylog server core.

If you do not have the knowledge to implement this, you might want to contact the Graylog Sales Team about to sponsor this feature.

Thank you

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