Graylog Anonymous Dashboard Access

(David Anderson) #1

We have a private (internal access only) Graylog instance and wanted to know if its possible to grant anonymous access to a dashboard assuming the user has the correct URL to anyone without a username/password.

Thank you.

(Jan Doberstein) #2

nope that is not possible with the current access model in Graylog.

When you want to make Graylog complete “free to use” for certrain areas and not only a dashboard you could place a proxy before Graylog, Install the SSO Plugin and hardcode the username into the proxy that should be used for authentication. Than everyone that uses this proxy URL has the given rights in Graylog - what could be to simple see a specific dashboard or stream data.

(Tess) #3

On the other hand it does fall into the territory of feature requests which have been discussed before, where Graylog would be expanded with a more fine-grained RBAC model.

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