Displaying dashboards without a login

We are interested in providing a link to one of our dashboards to some external users. We don’t want them to have access to Graylog itself. We just want them to be able to click & go.

Is there a way to display a dashboard without having to login?

No, that’s currently not possible.

Feel free to open a feature request at Issues · Graylog2/graylog2-server · GitHub.

How about creating a “public” user that only has access to the required dashboards as part of their permission set. Would that work as a stop gap? Maybe another way is create a custom dashboard site/interface with a service user using the graylog API’s Then send them to that site? That way they aren’t directly logging into graylog but are actually accessing your custom dashboard site that is being fed by graylog? Make sense? Would that work? The graylog API’s are in my experience super easy to work with and feeding another web interface/dashboard with them shouldn’t be too tough. Could even inject your own style and branding on your own interface instead of the default graylog one.

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