[Graylog 3.3] Dashboard permission

Is it possible to have permission for dashboard without access to streams, like in earlier versions? I want to have user accessing only aggregations, no data.

Under “System / Authentication”, select “Authentication”. Then, click “Edit” next to the user whose permissions you want to modify. Remove the streams which you do not want the user to be able to view from the list in “Stream Permissions”.

Is that what you’re looking for? We are on Graylog 3.3.1.

Not at all, i meant:

Missing Stream Permissions

This resource includes streams you do not have permissions for.

Please contact your administrator and provide the error details which include a list of streams you need access to.

In previous versions it was possible to access dashboard without stream permission. This was highly preferable.

I’ve just tested this on our 3.3.1 deployment and confirmed that it does the same thing. I had never seen the prior behavior so I can’t confirm that it changed but it’s behaving how you’ve described now.

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