Restrict read to access streams

Hi there,

How do I restrict reading to access streams?
Is that possible?
I don’t want to grant access to all streams. Because a few streams are important.

Example for something that does not work:

  "name": "Reader",
  "description": "Grants basic permissions for every Graylog user (built-in)",
  "permissions": [
      read: "id_1, id_2",
      read: "logs_*"
  "read_only": true

What version of Graylog are you on?
Are you looking to do this exclusively via the API or would doing it through the UI work as well?


I using version Graylog 4.1.3+9d79c05
Can you tell me both ways I would be very grateful

Thank you so much.

hey @duydo1

I see you want to learn about permissions on Streams? If this is correct perhaps these links would enlighten you on how to go about that

hope that helps

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