Dashboards per role (user group)


I have a need to give rights to group of users.

  • Each group of users have access to their own stream.
  • Each group of users must be able to create and edit their own dashboards, but they must be private to their group.

Is it possible in Graylog ?
Do i need the entreprise licence to do this ?


Not exactly, but you can still create:

  1. Create dummy (empty) dashboards to group
  2. Create role with read permission to selected streams, and write permissions to dummy group dashboards
  3. Assign this role to users

For every group of users, create new role and dashboards and assign role to selected users.

You can create it manually using web interface: System/Authentication - Roles - Add new role
Or it also can be created Rest API, check REST API browser:


Thank you for you idea.

But it’s very convenient as we must pre-create dashboards and if they need more, they must asks to Graylog administrators.

It would be better if groups of users can be autonomous.

@benoitp thank you for that voice to add better role/group management and improve the right management in Graylog.

The Graylog team is aware of that and will address this in future versions. Currently no other option than @shoothub mentioned is given.


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You can still give role permissions to create new dashboards (through API browser), but this way, only creator of dashboard will see it:

"permissions": [

After that create script that will use REST API for these steps:

  1. Get members of Role (/api/roles/Group1/members, parameter username)
  2. Get all dashboards (/api/dashboards)
  3. Find all dasboards of user of role - compare usernames of role to dashboards creators (parameter creator_user_id), get parameter dashboard id
  4. Update role permissions to include all dashboards created by users of role (/api/roles/Group1):
"permissions": [
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