How to set permission to read but not to create dashboards

Hi all,

I am trying to create a roll in Graylog 3.2.4, that can read but not create dashboards.

While the users in this roll cannot use the “save” button after they created or edited
a dashboard, they can still use the “save as” button and create additional dashboards
on this way.

I created a roll using the GUI and checked the settings by the REST API:

“name”: “Read-Dashboards”,
“description”: “”,
“permissions”: [
“read_only”: false

Thanks for any hints.

Check all roles you assigned to user, because they are cummulative. If you assign higher level privileges role to user, this new role cannot works.

Thanks shoothub.

I tried two setups, but both will allow the user to create a new dashboard by using the “save as” button:

  1. Role “reader” + role “read-Dashboards” (defined as above)
  2. Role “reader” and individual permissions for the user to read streams and dashboards

What will be the correct way to let a user see (some) predefined dashboards without giving him the ability to create additional dashboards?


Hi all,

did anybody successfully set up permissions/roles, as I try to?

I guess it is not uncommon to just allow read access to e.g. first level support without granting such users to create new dashboards.

Any hints are welcome!


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