Users cannot see "Create Dashboard" Button

users cannot see “Create Dashboard” Button

Please provide some more information on your setup, in particular what versions you are running.
Also, which users are affected and what permissions/roles do these users have?

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We are running on Graylog 3.0.
user have read + customize role that we use to provide the access to streams how ever i can see the option to give access to already created Dashboard to role but no option to give access to user for “create Dashboard”
As an Admin i can see the “Create Dashboard” option others users are not because of this issue users can not create own dashboard.
AS an admin we can give access to users for the dasboards which was created by admin but that is increasing the load on admin Team

Hello @marif

Using GL 3.0 here is some info on this issue specifically on the dashboard creator role/s.

NOTE: Graylog 4.0 + has new roles and does permit Dashboard Creator, but be aware of upgrading you will no long be able to create custom roles. If this is what you want, I would research all the changes made before upgrading.

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