Plugin Installation

I’m trying to install the " Graylog HTTP Monitor Input Plugin" but I’m unable to get root access to the shell. I use filezilla with the default login ubuntu/ubuntu but I have no write access to the /usr/share/graylog-server/plugin/ folder. The web interface does not have an import dialog and the documentation does not describe how to import the plugins. Is just says where they can be installed.

contact your system administrator for help.
He/She can give access to the folder, or manually move your plugin.

I installed the 3.2.4 OVA that I downloaded from Graylog

he @2delarosa

you need to use a shell to access the server and move/copy the plugin to the folder. BUT you should check if that Plugin is made for that version of Graylog.

Yeah, it dawned on me this morning and your email confirmed it. Thanks

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