Outputs in graylog


We are reporting both metrics and logs to Graylog.
We want metrics to be visualized on Kibana.
So we have enabled an output to metrics stream.
But we are able to see logs as well.
But we dont want logs to be exposed via kibana.
Please help us. Will provide more details if needed.

Please provide more details. They’re needed.

HI jochen,

We are reporting metrics and logs in graylog via 2 different ports in inputs i.e., UDP port for metrics and TCP port for logs.
As we want metrics to be visualized on kibana, we have enabled output for the metrics stream,but here we observed that even logs are also getting exposed in kibana which are part of different stream. We don’t want to expose logs via kibana. Kindly help us.

Kibana just access all information that are stored in elasticsearch - it bypass all authorizationa and authentication you have with Graylog.

Hi Jan,

Yes I understood that Kibana just access all the information which is stored in elastic search, my question is if we enable only one stream to be exposed out of 10 streams which we have created , here data from all streams are getting exposed as well. Is there any way that we can expose only the data which we want to expose outside graylog. Please suggest us.

You can create an index set for the data you want to expose and only access the indices of that index set.


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