Using GrayLog And Kibana

Hello !
I’m New in this domaine So my aplogise if i say some nonsense
And i’m trying to choose the best solution for Log Management , and after a quick benchmark i’m convinced that GRAYLOG is the Best open source solution !
But I need one small think , i m trying to know if i can use KIBANA and GrayLog in the same ElasticSearch DB If yes then Please is there any documentation out there or some easy steps to folow !
Thank u for your replies !
Much Respect
P.S:I want Kibana Because one it’s more User-Friendly …

There is no copy & paste tutorial or howto about integrating Kibana with Graylog.

This being said, since Kibana is pretty much only a frontend for Elasticsearch, it should be possible to use the Elasticsearch indices managed by Graylog.

For reference:

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jochen is as usual on the money. I’ve tested Kibana against our Graylog Elasticsearch instance and it was as easy as just pointing it at it. You do have to get the version of Kibana to match the version of Elasticsearch you are running but that was pretty much it.

There may be issues with some of the visualisations out there but I didn’t see anything fail in unexpected ways.


thank you very much , i’ll try it and i ll came back to you sir !
Thank you again !
Have an Excellent day

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