Kibana with Graylog 2.5 or 3.0

Hi Team,

I understand this question might have been asked few times before but have not found a concrete answer to it?

  • Can we have kibana 6.x integrated with Graylog?
  • Is it not at all possible or can be achieved?
  • Has anyone succeeded integrating those?
  • Also, need to know if anyone has success with Grafana and Graylog?

Thanks and Regards,
Blason R

Yes, all questions are answered by this community or by google.
Please try to do some research.

  • As far as I know kibana ha NO connection with graylog. Kibana use elasticsearch, and GL use it also. No connection.
  • NA
  • yes
  • how would you like to use grafana?
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Well wanted to know since Graylog has back-end as elasticsearch; I tried connecting Kibana with Elasticsearch but didnt work and Grafana it got connected while it didn’t show data and not sure what should Timestamp field should be?

Grafana and Kibana and ElasticSearch are NOT products of the Graylog project.

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