Greylog and ELK?

I am using Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana. Is Graylog just alternative for Kibana? Can I have some discovery/visualisations etc in Kibana and also install Greylog for separated alerts etc? What I mean, I don’t really need use same queries etc in Kibana and Greylog but I want use same data source - my Elasticsearch which keep all informations from Logstash.

Graylog both include this kibana and logstash.

Hmm, so I need only elasticsearch? Really Graylog have own logstash?

Graylog does the log processing (logstash) and provide web UI (kibana).
So you need elastic only (and mongodb for store graylog’s config).

Also important thing, graylog can handle only messages what processed by itself. Can’t handle foregin messages in elasticsearch database.

Check the gralyog install docs.

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