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Hi Team

How to restrict graylog to output the messages from only one stream using graylog outputs?


(Jochen) #2

You would create an output only for the desired stream.

(Srumith) #3

Did the same.
But still I find the messages related to other streams.
Is there any flag kind of thing which I need to enable/disable?

(Jochen) #4

Please elaborate in greater detail what exactly you mean with that.

(Srumith) #5

I have two streams Stream A and Stream B.
Configured an output called Output A with destination as Kibana for Stream A
In Kibana, I have configured elasticURL as http://<host>:9200/.
Now, when I check Kibana, I have messages related to Stream A and Stream B.
I am not expecting messages related to Stream B on Kibana.

(Jochen) #6

What output have you configured exactly and what’s the configuration?

(Srumith) #7

Gelf Output I have configured. Following is the configuration -

connect_timeout: 1000
hostname: ##.##.##.##
max_inflight_sends: 512
port: 5601
protocol: TCP
queue_size: 512
reconnect_delay: 500
tcp_keep_alive: false
tcp_no_delay: false
tls_verification_enabled: false

(Jochen) #8

That looks like a GELF output. Where exactly are you sending the messages and what is the recipient doing with them?

(Srumith) #9

Sending messages to Kibana.
I actually have metrics and logs reported to graylog.
I want only metrics to get forwarded from Graylog to Kibana, so that I can visualize them.
5601 is the Kibana port I have configured for Gelf Output.
And I am connecting to Elastic directly from Kibana, giving elasticsearch url as 9200.

Or if you want us to rephrase the question - how to configure output in graylog for a particular stream and forward messages to Kibana?

(Jochen) #10

Kibana is a frontend for Elasticsearch, it doesn’t receive or process messages itself.
So where exactly are you sending the messages with the GELF output?
Hint: It has to be something with a GELF input.

(Srumith) #11

So can I forward specific stream data from Graylog to another elasticsearch instance using Graylog Outputs?

(Jochen) #12

You could do that if you have a receiver reading GELF messages and writing them into Elasticsearch.

You could use Logstash (with GELF input and Elasticsearch output) for that.

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