Can I get charts similar to Kibana on graylog?

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Hi Team

I have worked in Kibana and was able to create charts. Support was provided by Kibana to have charts with name of the metric on x-axis and count/min-time/max-time on y-axis. Can I configure similar charts on GrayLog. Please help.
If not, is there any way to integrate Kibana with Graylog?
Here in this integrated Graylog Kibana application, can I still utilize all the other options like user and role-based access provided by Graylog?


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No, but you can use Kibana with the indices created by Graylog.


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Thanks a lot for responding !!


Hi Jochen,

As user and role-based access are not available when using Kibana plugged on the indices created by Graylog, what would you advice as the best move forward to give our users access to a reporting GUI as fancy as Kibana or Splunk but with limited access rights and decent pricing ?


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