Replace graylog in kibana

hi. ^^
I wonder. Can you use graylog web ui instead of kibana in the existing elk stack?

I could be wrong, but I don’t think this would work unless certain conditions existed. You’d have to have an index set in Graylog with with a given naming convention matching that of your indices in Elasticsearch, and each message would need to contain certain key fields such as full_message, message, timestamp, source, and streams. (I pulled those fields from the graylog-internal index template). So if your prefix is “graylog-*”, all indices Graylog created would be “graylog-” followed by an incrementing number each time the “write active” index is rolled.

Again, I could be wrong, but my hunch is that it wouldn’t work unless these conditions were met.

it is not a drop-in replacement as John already wrote.

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