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A little unclear as to the license model and hoping someone can shed some light. Is it a violation if we use the open source license for business use at a university? If so when would we need to use the enterprise license since the open source looks to be free for any amount of data? If we use the enterprise license and go over 5GB in a day what happens after that. Does all logging just stop or are there more serious consequences (i.e. temporary/permanent ban)?

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He @netadmin_algomau

sorry that our webpage did not answer your questions already!

The open source license is not bound to anything - if you want to run that at home, that is fine. If you want to run that in a million dollar company, that is fine. It is open source and you can use that in the boundaries of the license.

If you want to use the Free Enterprise License you can use that up to the 5GB per day and if you go over that the Enterprise Plugins will stop working. But not the complete product. The Enterprise parts of Graylog are Plugins with additional functionality and will not make your logging broken if the license is violated in some way.

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Sounds good… thanks for the response. Is it possible to upgrade from the open source to enterprise version fairly easily, if it’s possible?

as Enterprise is only a plugin you can enable and disable that at any time. Only the added functions will be added or removed then from Graylog. But your data will not be tampered. Also your log processing is not changed.

OK… thank you so much for clearing that up.

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