Is It Possible To Choose A Stream For A Dashboard?

Hi, I noticed that when you go to the Streams menu and open one of the streams, you could see a drop-down menu to choose a stream from. I couldn’t find a way to add this to a dashboard with a message table. Is there any way to add that “stream override” to dashboards?

Note: I am aware that you could filter streams with the search/query box.

Currently the stream selection box is only available when configuring a widget, but not globally for the dashboad.

However, you can use the search query to query for specific streams:

streams:(63068dc98a735a37e8d535f9 OR 62aba9dc82e7a17341a60c81)

Hope that helps.

Hi Drew, thanks for the response. I can’t see the stream selection box even when I’m configuring a widget. What am I missing? I’m on Graylog 5.1.2.

Do you see this box here on the widget edit screen?

Ah yes! I can see it when I edit every widget individually. This is exactly what I needed, thanks!

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