Allow Stream filtering via dropdown


Prior to 3.2 within the views tab, we were able to filter the queries with the stream dropdown to aggregate the result based on customer in our case (every customer has its own stream).

So basically we had a query which showed every error messages from all windows hosts which we then were able to filter further based on streams (customers).

As in 3.2 and view integrated in dashboards, the stream dropdown is no longer available. Its possible to filter the results with “streams:” to get the same result as before but makes it much more complicated as our users need to know the stream name everytime.

Is there any chance that this gets implemented back or at least some way to enable it again?

Normal user has NO access to search. The see only streams, and they can only open the search from the streams menu.
So if one customer has one stream, I think you dont need this feature.

Yes true, it’s not about searching it’s more about comparison let me give you another example.

Before 3.2, we had windows view which showed us failed logins from windows servers for all our customers (stream: All Windows). Now we had the possibility to limit the search by adding customer streams (stream: Customer1) to see only the failed logins from that customer.

Like it is right now in 3.2 under the search tab. But as soon as we create a new dashboard out of this search, the possibility to filter this by clicking the customer streams you want to see the failed logins for is gone or not as convenient to achieve as it was before. Now he has to type something like

streams:customer1 OR streams:customer2 to get same as before.

So it would be nice if that possibility would be there for dashboards as well and not only for the search part.

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