Global Dashboard assumes logged on users stream rights

I have created a stream for each department that keys off a tag. I have also created a dashboard. I would like to have a single global dashboard that only displays results that are filtered on the users stream rights. Is there a way to do this, or do I have to create individual dashboards for each departmental stream?

No, that’s not possible with Graylog 2.x. You’ll have to create an individual dashboard per departmental stream.

I would like to clone the existing dashboard and only change the stream. If I create a content pack of just the existing dashboard, is there a way to import it and change the stream reference?

Created a Content Pack, set value of streams to empty:

“streams”: []

Did a find and replace for the All Messages “stream_id” and changed it to the desired stream ID. Imported the edited Content Pack. The new dashboard works fine.

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