Install fails at install of Greylog

Installing from
Fresh Ubuntu 18.04 on exsi 6.5, static ip, can ping local dns server, google, aws

Prerequisites, MongoDB and Elastisearch install just fine.
When I go to install Greylog is when the problems start.
When I run the command below it times out.
$ sudo dpkg -i graylog-3.3-repository_latest.deb

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install graylog-server graylog-enterprise-plugins graylog-integrations-plugins graylog-enterprise-integrations-plugins

Any thoughts or ideas?

Hello @Slacker, welcome!

Are you receiving an error message with the first command? You say it times out – does it print anything on screen?

I finally got it working, kind of, by reinstalling Ubuntu 18.04 from an earlier version. My original install has some funky version of netplan but the reinstall used 50-cloud-init.yaml . Once that was reset the rest of the install went fine. I now have a running Graylog server but am pulling out what little hair I have left trying to do something as simple as get my Cisco logs in.
I have one Cisco switch with Graylog server ip:514 and another with ip:1514, logging trap informational (was using Kiwi and was working fine)
Added nat rules to iptables on Graylog to forward 514 udp to 1514
Added syslog-udp input for Graylog
Time matches on switches and server
Can ping switch to server and server to switch
Graylog system message shows "Input [Syslog UDP bla bla] is now Running
Input shows “1 Running”
Not receiving any messages

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