I can not edit port nginx conf

I need to change port webinterface form 80 to 11180 but I can not change .

I guess you are using the virtual appliance? That kind of customization is not supported. Only what you find in the docs ( http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.4/pages/configuration/graylog_ctl.html ) should be done at the OVA image.

If you need to customize your setup, considere to make a custom installation that fits to our needs.

Yes I use OVA.

So what I should command for edit port nginx?

Did you read the docs? Did you read my post?

Did you know how to use a common editor on linux?

Yes I read doc in graylog doc but i only see command change port
-sudo graylog-ctl set-external-ip http[s]://:port/
-sudo graylog-ctl set-listen-address --service <web|rest|transport|endpoint> --address http://:port
no have nginx.

or for OVA can not change port nginx?

The supported customization is written in the docs - what isn’t written down in the docs is not supported.

If you want to change the port, change it in the configuration file yourself.

I try edit port nginx and then “graylog-ctl configure” So nginx port back to original port.

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