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I set up GrayLog with the provided OVA Image inside a VMWARE Environment.
When booting up the first time our DHCP assigned an IP-Address to that Machine.
Now I just want to manually change the IP to a static IP Address, but I can’t find any Documentation on how to do this.

Info: I am brand new to GrayLog so please be advised that I may not understand the “GrayLog Language” on the first try.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks a lot, I used this search for sure but didn’t find it.
Sorry for the trouble, thanks again.

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How do I access the following:
“Edit the file /etc/network/interfaces like this (just the important lines):”

Trying to access /etc/network/interfaces via console gives me Permission denied.

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You have to use sudo to edit the file as root user:

sudo nano -w /etc/network/interfaces

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Worked perfectly.

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