Fresh OVA install on VM

GM all
I’m trying to deploy Graylog 3 via OVF on VM.
i’m struggeling with assign static ip (no dhcp here)
incluse - " In this case, you have to login and edit /etc/network/interfaces in order to setup a fixed IP address" - this can be done with sudo nano -w /etc/network/interfaces
" Then create the file /var/lib/graylog-server/firstboot and reboot." – ?? *what file ? *
i created empty file there but nothing helps …
is there a root password somewhere ?
any 1 can advise how to assign static ip ?

thank you

is it that complicated ?

Latest OVA uses Netplan, not /etc/network/interfaces, IMHO

touch /var/lib/graylog-server/firstboot

Then reboot, it will show root login info at next login

thank you.
you are right !!

thank you
it gives me new password for admin weblogin
but it doesn work …

I had the same issue. You want to find the graylog.config files, and look at the password(there’s 2, watchout)
There will be two hash for some reason. Remove them, do the touch command again, and reboot. Should work. For some reason it put more than one password hash in the config file.

Thank you master !!!
finally it works !!!


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