Graylog Install from OVA doesn't work after IP change

I am trying to set up a graylog install to run on a HyperV VM on Windows Server 2012 R2. I’ve downloaded the OVA and set up a VM according to the image and migrated the virtual hard disk to a vhd file. The machine runs perfectly fine as long as I don’t try to set a static IP. I can view and search the local data. After I configure the interfaces file and bring the interface down and back up (or reboot the VM) the graylog web interface comes back up on the static IP assignned (which has logs sent to it via nxlogs on windows pcs), graylog stops working and every page ends up having the module timing out with a 500 error. The page will load but I will get constant error messages saying inputs/search/node/etc cannot GET

I also can’t access the local logs and get access denied even when trying to open them as root (I assume this is because graylog is trying to access them)

Thanks for your help everyone

You should reconfigure Graylog to use the new settings:

$ sudo graylog-ctl reconfigure

This did the trick. Thanks, I should have checked the documentation first!

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