How to change default graylog port 9000 to 80

HI all,

I’m trying to access graylog with different port (80) rather default port 9000. My current environment does not allow me to use default gray log port 9000. How to configure the gray log to use the port 80 rather port 9000.

I have tried port redirect options with IP-tables, xinetd, graylog web interface nothing helped me fix it.

My current web and rest uri are shown below. Please, can someone suggest me the method to use port 80 for the graylog web interface?

web_listen_uri =

rest_listen_uri =

Did you try to change the port numbers in the listen URI:s in the server.conf file?

Port 80 (or any port <1024) is a so-called privileged port which by default only the super user (“root”) is allow to bind to.

You can use authbind or Linux capabilities to allow normal users to bind to port 80, though:

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