Https with graylog - guide


Can you help me with this isssue? It does not work in my situation :frowning: Please help me :slight_smile:

Graylog configured on CentOS 7 - 1 node all in one.

I need step by step configuration (The best soutions) if not can you give me some (5-6) milestones what should I do.

Do you hear sth about this guidlines ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey @goozoop

did you have a look at this?:

Greetings - Phil

couple of pitfalls I ran into

  • private key file PEM format (PKCS8 i think)
  • enable TLS for both web interface and API
  • put web interface on a different port
  • add CA Cert to java keystore

Once I addressed all those everything fell into place.

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thx, I will do it, but I have forgotten ab. sth. :frowning: Can you more explain this 4 steps ? :slight_smile:

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