How to run graylog-web-interface as separate application in production

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i want to run graylog2-web-interface as separate application in production

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He Manjunath,

what is your question? What did you missed from the docs?

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as web interface is part of graylog i want to run one more instance of web interface with connects to graylog backed

i was able to run in development mode but not sure how to deploy it in production


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Why? The web interface is a single-page application (SPA) and once the client has loaded the assets, the running web application will only communicate with the Graylog REST API.

Maybe adding a caching reverse-proxy in front would help if you have scaling problems with the web interface (which would genuinely surprise me).

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i don’t have any problem with scaling,

there are too many features in graylog which are not used by my users

i just want to show minimum things to users like streams, search, and alert for this i am planing to build new app and i thought of reusing existing code

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You can find the code of the Graylog web interface on GitHub:

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