How to restrain the users

Hi , I have one users, his name is for exemple : Gauthier, i want to let him access to " search " and see the message of the source " Wildix_Expert-telecom" , It is possible ? and then how to do it ?

Thank you for your reply

Check the Role documnetation. You will find there, that permissions is based on Stream, so you have to:

  1. First create stream for such input. You have more options:
    a. Create Stream and use rule with condition: field: gl2_source_input, match exactly, value: your_input_id. gl2_source_input field you can see on your messages, check all fields.
    b. Go to Input - click on More actions - Add static field and create static field for distinguish the input. After that go to Streams create new stream and add new Stream rule with conditions field and type: field presense.
    c. Or use pipeline rules, function route_to_steam()
  2. After that go to System - Authentication - Roles, create role with permission Allow reading on newly created stream
  3. Lastly assign this new role to user in System - Authentication - edit user and in bottom section Change user role add new role to Roles field.

Hope this helps

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