Allow non-admin user to see all input logs

I see this question is already asked but I don’t understand exactly where to add permission.

The response is suggested to add the following permission but I don’t know exactly where to add these permissions.


Is this where I need to add these filed ?


you need to interact with the REST API of Graylog to create a ROLE that has the mentioned access:

Please see the entry from the FAQ as example:

so, just to confirm. if I want to allow all the logs that coming to an input port 1514 that can not be allow read access to a non-admin user without configuring it via REST API ?

no - it wasn’t your question, of if you did not wrote that clearly …

Route the messages from that single source into a stream, than create a role that has read access to this stream in the Graylog UI and add the user to that role …

What field I need to include that includes all the logs from all the source (inputs)…

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