How to configure user to have access only to particular input

Hi! I’m new to Graylog. I installed graylog in docker according to this: Docker

I would like to somehow to separate inputs per users. For example user Tom can access only particular input (or inputs) and cannot view logs from other inputs. After days of research so far I found that I cannot add new role from the admin console -its no longer supported. I haven’t found reliable reference/guide how to set it via rest API.
If I set stream per input, how can I set permissions of given user to access/view this stream - without creating custom role?
Is there another way - to work OOTB from the admin console?
In general - is there any tutorial or reference (with examples) how the rest API can be used?

Thanks in advance!

On admin console:
Stream rule can be created to set the stream match particular input. Then the stream can be shared to the user.

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