Graylog permissions for specific inputs

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Is it possible to edit role permissions (trough API) in such a way that specific Role, for example “Test_Test_Role” has permissions for reading/editing Input “Test_Test_Input” AND only that specific Input?

For example this does not work:

“name”: “Test_Test_Role”,
“description”: “…”,
“permissions”: [
“inputs:read:Test_Test_Input”, <================
“inputs:edit:Test_Test_Input”, <================

“read_only”: false

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Alright I found the solution :slight_smile:

On your machine with Graylog :

curl -XGET -u ADMIN:PASSWORD ‘http://your.graylog.api:9000/api/system/inputs?pretty=true’ | grep id

Find ID of the Input you are interested in, copy it and instead of using input name (as seen in Graylog web) use that ID in permissions:


I guess it works the same way with dashboards, streams, alerts etc.

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