User role to modify existing input

Server version: 2.3.2
Cluster of graylog nodes: 2 nodes in cluster
I want to create a role to edit existing inputs and assign it to a non admin user. After assigning the properties

  • inputs:edit
  • inputs:read

and assigning the role to user, the user still can’t edit any inputs. What other property should I add to that user to make it edit inputs?

Which error message do you see?

I don’t see any errors. When I go to “System -> inputs -> testinput-> more actions” there is nothing (like the edit input property or add static field"

So I added all inputs properties:
When I go to the dropdown input “More actions” I can only see “Delete input”

I can aswell create inputs in the input page, but edit seams it doesn’t work

Has anyone got into an issue like this before? Can I get some assistance?

There are specific permissions for extractors and static fields.

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