How to allow user search exact fields?

Hello dear,
I am setting permissions in Graylog2.
However, i can give permission search through Stream.
When i press Play button in Dashboard and redirect it into http://IP:PORT/search?rangetype=relative.......... after that, i got Page not found.
Is it possible to set a user can do search for exact path ?
For example, user Writer can do search /var/log/writer/access.log and /var/log/nginx/access.log.
I find Streams and Dashboard settings in permission settings.
Thank you

you need to seperate the information a user should be able to search at in a stream. You can not give permissions on specific content of fields.

Ahhh i had thought Streams for it.
Would you like to help me pls ?
How do i create multiple files as a stream source ?
Example, /var/log/test/blabla.log, /var/log/nginx/blabla.log, /var/log/nginx/error.log
Should i use && or AND ?
Look at this screenshot

hmm… or i should use Add rules ?
so, first rule /var/log/user/id.access.log
second rule /var/log/nginx/id.access.log
third rule /var/log/nginx/id.error.log in same stream
right ?

I would go the second route - make debugging and modification easier.

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