Graylog only showing count()>100

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I am trying to only show values in a widget that have a count() greater than 1000, is this possible and if so how?

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Hello && Welcome @Doctorbeefy

I’m not aware of any configuration like that, Good question.
What I do know for fields with numeric data create a Aggregation Widget and in the search bar of that widget you could use Greater then or Less then.


The widget should show the top field that were counted, either by group , etc… The default is 15 you can increase that if need be.

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Unfortunately, this doesn’t help with what I am trying to do as I have information that is only important if it exceeds a certain counts() value. I guess it isn’t the end of the world because it shows currently but it would have been nice to only show items that have 10k+ counts.


You know this would be a good feature, perhaps post what you want here.

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