Feature "show top values" since Vers 3.2.3 versus "quick values" pre Vers 3.2

If I need to post this topic somewhere else, feel free to let me now.

Just want to say that I miss a daily used feature in Version 3.2

Pre Vers 3.2 had "quick values"
quick value show both:
a) percentage and
b) count
of a field value

I really felt in love with this table having percentage and count value in one row.
Number one usage for investigations!


since Vers 3.2.3 "show top values"
show top values shows only:
a) count
of a field value

Now you need to create another widget (Pie chart) to get precentage

It’s getting more complicated and the “percentage” values of field names are getting harder to see.

A table view (message table) including “count” and “percentage” was perfect!

My thumbs up to “re-eanble” this possibility!

+1 for this.

Since the upgrade, the new aggregate feature is just not pleasant to handle imho.

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he @bks, @jpmaas

I can see the point - would you mind opening a feature request over at https://github.com/Graylog2/graylog2-server/issues for this?

Thanks Jan,

Opened feature request #7822

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