Aggregation Pie Chart, row number of values, show others when more than number

Dear all

I have an aggregation pie chart, which has a single row field_name. When I click on it, I see that its “Number of Values” has a default value of 15. So far so good, because too many values in a pie chart will graphically overload it. So I intend to keep this default.

But when my dimension, field_name, has, ex., 20 values:
How do I show last five 16-20 as a single one - named and calculated as “Others”?

I have Graylog 3.3.2

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Hello @altink

I think there was a post about the top 10 percent and the rest called “Others” a while back, not sure where it is but I personally haven’t seen a way to show this in the newer version. It might be under Enterprise or have a different name.

I do know a while back this was a widget that could do this called Quick Values.

Maybe someone else here knows how.

Hi @gsmith

I just found that post
and it is asking same thing as me. But it has been closed without an answer, not even any reply.

On the other side
documentation does not talk on this

The issue is that if the “Others” feature is not available, I must rename my charts from, ex., “ACTION” to “Top 10 ACTIONS”. So as to let user know that other values can be present but cannot be shown.

At least I would like to know if feature is available or not. And availability by editions - open/enterprise.

PS. Does Graylog has any kind of Developer License for Enterprise version with full features?

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You can use the full version for free as long as incoming data stays below 5GB per day

This does not include some features like Illuminate But you can build a similar environment on your own. :slight_smile:

Hello @altink

I seen that post also. The one I can member was a couple of community members joined the discussion on that post. The name of the post didn’t match the description. Ill try to find it for you and post it here.

I’m not 100% sure but you may have to. I don’t see way of doing that right now.

Thank You @tmacgbay

Does the Enterprise version has the “Other” options for charts?



I scanned the forum and doc’s. What you want is “Quick Values” as I showed above. The calculations for your TOP 10 with the group called “Other” on a pie graph etc… I believe this was dropped after version 3.0. But I did find this and it seams like something you may want.

Beware I’m not sure it will work with your version.

You could always post a Feature request if you want here.

Thank You @gsmith

but I do not see any aggregation of type “Quick Values” when I edit any aggregate of my dashboard

For a better under standing I found some Older documentation or you.

Like I said, after Graylog version 3.2 this was dropped.

Rename “Aggregate” field option to “Show top values” to make it more clear. (this was previously called quick values)
This is what it looked like.


So there is no “Others” options for aggregates on Graylog 3.3.2 and later ?

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think so.

EDIT: @altink I found this here

And this

this one talks for “percentages and count”, but not for “Others”.

You said:
“In that scenario, I’d suggest the option to display the “other” group should be enabled by default (default settings should not filter messages out of results)”

but I do not understand what should be changed, where and how.

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Like I said there used to be what you want in earlier versions and I seen a couple request in github about the same thing you looking for. Just an idea you could create a feature request.

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